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Progress not Perfection

Yesterday I was in a funk. How is it end of the month already. How is it half way through this year already. Why have I not done this, this and this.

Not enough progress, not enough momentum.

Not enough.

I’d allowed fear and overwhelm to build and stagnate in me unchecked for a few days and here was the hangover.

And then last night – mid funk – I reviewed my month.

What were my personal priorities for this last month. Tick them off. What were my work priorities this last month. Tick them off. What was working for me this month. What was not working. What contributed to my happiness. Write it down.

Then I looked ahead for this next month. What are my personal priorities. How do I want to feel this coming month. What are my work priorities. What small actions will help me move towards my bigger goals. For what will the Katy in a year’s time be thankful that I did this month. To what shall I give my attention. Break it down small. Write it down.

Funk gone. Energised. Clarity.

Celebrating all the small things that I have achieved this month. Remembering moments where I felt my desired feelings. Savouring those.

Funk turning to gratitude.

Feeling excited about the days ahead. Experiencing creative energy and momentum in my body. New ideas flowing again.

Gratitude turning into energy.

I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Marie Forleo these last few months and one of her repeat sayings is ‘Progress not Perfection’.

When we are starting something new, when we are on a steep learning curve, when we have a task or project that is looming huge in our mind, we can cling to perfectionism as a way to avoid making progress. Breaking the hugeness down into small steps and then doing something will help reduce the overwhelm. One small step at a time.  

Coaching Prompts:

  • What big task can you break down into smaller doable pieces today? What progress can you make when you let go of the ideal of perfection?
  • How do you review your month? How do you set intentions for the month ahead?

Further Resources:

www.marieforleo.com and Marie TV on YouTube

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown, 2010

Call to Action:

What is your actionable insight? Share in the comments! 


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