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Permission for Joy

Last week a close friend and I had a walking day.

A space to be together, walk in the hills, and eat a delicious lunch. And afterwards I felt energised, refreshed, inspired.

The two walking days we had on our birthdays last year were highlights of the year for me. Days of connection and laughter, deeper conversation, sharing ideas and experiences, time to disagree then find harmony again, appreciating nature, physical exercise and fresh air.

The cost is: no money, a day of holiday for my friend and for me some rescheduling of my work to make that space available.

And yet I realised I had a scarcity mindset here. ‘We can do that on our birthdays. Twice a year. For a treat. That’s enough’.

These days feel luxurious, cheeky even. ‘We should be working, busy, making stuff happen’.

There is huge resistance to booking these days ahead. ‘Well I’m not sure what else will be happening that week. I may not be available. It may not be convenient’.

As I set my intentions for the rest of 2017 I realise – I can choose to do this fun thing more often, it is ok to do that more.

So I choose an abundant mindset and give myself permission and freedom, and set the intention, to create space for these beautiful days throughout the rest of this year.

Coaching Prompts:

  • What does it look like to have more positive emotion (more joy – more fun – more beauty – more awe – more curiosity ) in your life? What are those moments that give you these feelings?
  • How can you clear space and create time for those activities or moments that enrich your life?
  • What does it look like for you to give yourself permission and freedom for more?

Call to Action:

What is your actionable insight? Share in the comments!


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