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Practical Tips for More Beauty Spotting

Here are some additional every-day-simple ideas for you to build on this Power Practice - Dial Up Positive Emotion


1.       Using your journey time each day

Wherever you journey to each day, what kind of beauty can you find as you travel?


2.       Get out in nature

Take a short walk at some point in your day and find some kind of nature – even a leaf, a stone, a piece of moss. Hold it in your hand or reach out and feel it’s textures. Take a few moments to really look at it. What do you notice?


3.       Notice the people around you today

What beautiful characteristic from another person can you spot?

What physical feature of another person can you notice as beautiful? Just choose whoever is next to you and see beyond whether they are traditionally what our culture would name ‘beautiful’

What positive moment can you witness pass between people?

What positive moment might you create with someone in your day?


Do share what you are noticing each day, and then what you are noticing as you build into this practice each day and over time.

Enjoy dialling up your noticing!


Call to Action

  • Which of these practical ways can you use to Dial Up Your Positive Emotion today?


  • What do you notice?


  • Let me know! 


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