Expand your impact. Experience more joy and ease.
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Hi I'm Katy. I coach and resource talented women and change agents making an awesome difference in the world. 

I see your big dreams, compassionate heart, beautiful strengths.

You are doing awesome things in the world, juggling multiple responsibilities, leading your team, running your business, loving your family.

You are talented and progressing and yet you long to make more of a difference in the world and to lead as ‘you’, in tune with your purpose and your best self.

You also wonder if it’s possible to do all this in a more spacious, ease-and-joy-filled way?

I believe that it is!

My personal purpose is to resource and equip a global network of awesome leaders and change agents. The world needs you to step up with confidence and live your life in all its fullness!

I have 20 years’ experience resourcing leaders in business, global commercial companies, international NGOs and local community contexts. I now focus on coaching talented women like you, and consulting with companies on how to really shift the dial around inclusion and diversity.

I am passionate to see you connected to your purpose, thriving and leading at your best.

I trust that you will feel at home here, will sign up to receive Catalyst Notes where I share weekly inspiration, resources and regular free goodies, and will consider joining the Catalyst Collective.

I am excited to work with you and look forward to meeting you inside one of my Catalyst Coaching Programmes soon.

To your ease-and-joy filled, expansive, impactful life,

Katy x